Whether you want to hunt rabbits or Cape Buffalo, we have the right tools for the job. 

Winchester 1894 S.R.C. Trapper, in .30 W.C.F. This is A.T.F. Curio and Relic listed, it has a 15" barrel, but, because it's on the A.T.F. Curio and Relic list, there is no need for a tax stamp. It weighs 6 pounds and 2 ounces and has a 13-inch L.O.P., it still has a lot of the original bluing and is in excellent condition, give us a call, and we can make this a part of your collection. $8,995.00

Winchester 1892 S.R.C. Trapper, in .38 W.C.F., what a beautiful rifle has a 16-inch barrel, weighs 5 pounds and 10 ounces, and a 13-inch L.O.P., it was manufactured in 1917. $5,995.00

A spectacular limited-edition high-quality rifle from the American Historical Foundation of Richmond, Virginia. This action was finished with satin silver and complete engraving of scrolls with gilded wild heads of buffalo, rhino and lion. An engraved floor plate has game scene engraving featuring a gold-plated elephant with a leopard head on the trigger guard. The left action flat marked "ONE OF TEN" in gold. The barrel had a high polished blue finish with gold bands & wedges of scroll engraving at breech & muzzle ends. Hooded ramp front sight with quarter rib express rear sight—classic style cheekpiece stock of satin-finished fancy walnut. The stock features an ebony forearm tip, engraved steel grip cap, multi-point checkering & solid black Weatherby pad. A tooled leather sling on QD swivels, the front swivel is mounted on an engraved barrel band. UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: glass-fronted walnut presentation box with leatherette presentation label. The case contains a key & delivery ticket dated 5/24/95. CONDITION: The rifle is in near new condition showing little visible wear.

From the beginning, the Ruger M77 was intended to modernize Mauser 98, though numerous changes were made. Bill Ruger wanted to use investment casting in place of a forged receiver. The Sullivan-designed bolt dispensed with the Mauser blade-type ejector and instead used the more straightforward plunger style of an ejector. A two-position tang safety and redesigned trigger system were also designed from scratch.

Perhaps the most novel feature of the M77 is the only one that has not been redesigned, the angled action screw. The front action screw of traditional bolt-action rifles draws the receiver directly down against the stock. The M77 uses an angled screw that pulls the action down and to the rear, tightly bedding it against the stock. This one is done in a .458 Win Mag, and is in near perfect condition. 

 A hooded ramp bead front sight & folding leaf rear sight, bolt body is numbered to rifle. Monte Carlo walnut stock w/ wide pattern hand checkering, sling swivel & checkered steel buttplate. Mfg. 1963. CONDITION: 97% original blue. Receiver & bbl. markings have added Bonanza gold highlighting. The stock has worn finish showing finish wear & chips w/ numerous scratches, handling marks & dents. The leading edge of pistol grip has sm. Chips. Bore is bright w/ strong rifling.

A scarce WWII contract carbine. Bbl. is marked behind front sight "INLAND MFG DIV GENERAL MOTORS 3-44". Bbl. Marked on the left side of chamber w/ flaming bomb & stamped underneath w/ numerous letters. Stamped adj. rear sight marked "H" in shield. Blade front sight w/ protective ears marked "L" on the right side. Bbl. band w/ bayonet lug marked "SA." Receiver made w/ detachable mainspring housing. Flat bolt marked "EM-Q." 6 O'Clock slide marked "W." Milled trigger housing. Crossbolt safety. Mag. catch marked "HI." Flat cut hammer marked "IN." Oval cut high wood stock w/ faint boxed "GHD," "UFI" & crossed cannons, marked "M-U" in sling slot. Marked w/ faint encircled "P" at the end of pistol grip & "P" underneath pistol grip. Marked on the left side below tang "AAX" indicating overhaul at Augusta Arsenal. 4 Rivet handguard marked "IO." Includes green web sling & oiler plus double mag. pouch marked "AVERY 1943". MAGS: none. CONDITION: arsenal rework stock has dark stained finish w/ light wear & handling marks. Arsenal rework metal has dark parkerized appearance w/ light wear & scattered scratches—excellent shiny bore.

Descended from the original Model 1891, the Model 39 rimfire lever-action remains the oldest continuously produced cartridge rifle in the world. A must-have for serious collectors and a must-shoot for lever-action enthusiasts the world over. The same timeless & trustworthy tubular magazine design thatmade it a coveted firearm in the Old West makes it just as effective and valuable today. 

If you've felt the need to liven up your Firepower Fridays look no further. A superbly manufactured, fully functional, full scale reproduction of a Colt Model 1878 Gatling Battery Gun chambered in .45-70 and manufactured by Valley Engraving LLC of Woodsfield, Ohio. The top of the receiver has an affixed circular plaque that reads "GATLING'S BATTERY GUN/3 JUNE 2009/MODEL 1878/CALIBER 45-70 GOV./MADE BY/VALLEY ENGRAVING LLC/and Neal E. Smith jr./WOODSFIELD, OHIO - U.S.A." The Valley Engraving LLC address, model, caliber, serial number, and distributor markings are on the lower left. The 18" barrels are mostly round aside from the octagonal muzzle sections and are numbered on the brass breech plate. The three included Broadwell drum magazines are marked in a circle around the top plate with "BROADWELL DRUM - CAPACITY 216 ROUNDS- CALIBER 45-70 GOV. - DATE OF MANUFACTURE 29, DEC. 2008- [Cyrillic manufacturer marking]/GATLING GUN." The tripod is constructed of wood and black painted steel. Storage/shipping crates for the gun, drum magazines, and tripod with appropriate markings are included. Near new with only minor storage type wear and some slight natural aging of the brass. Weighs approximately 350lbs. $59,999.95


"THE PACIFIC." Cal. 30-06. S# 565. Bbl. 24". The iconic U.S. Colt/Browning M1917 water-cooled machine gun built as a functioning & legal semi-auto. The right side plate is a reasonable facsimile of a Saginaw gear used in the television series "The Pacific," as supplied by noted prop house "ZORG LTD." Manufactured by Allied Armament w/ their right side plate. It sits upon a cradle & tripod that should be period correct. Right side plate marked "NO. 565 U.S. INSP / BROWNING MACHINE GUN / U.S. C.A.O.: 30 M1917A1 / MANFD BY SAGINAW STEERING GEAR DIV. / GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION". Left side plate marked "7.62 ?". Tripod has a brass plate approx. 2.5x2", intersecting w/ the leather strap reading: "NO. 134530 MT. TRIPOD M1917A1 / LAMSON. 19 / P.L.B.". Brass capped water jacket & trunnion finished in black, receiver & cradle mt. parkerized, the tripod was painted O.D. green, front sight hooded blade, rear sight peep & anti-aircraft combination graduating from 100-2,800m. T & E mechanism for stable, steady adjustments while mounted firmly to a single position. Ammo can holder on left side cradle. UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: assorted certificate of authenticity, import certificate, purchase order & supporting literature connecting it to HBO Production "The Pacific." CONDITION: water jacket has a few dents & scratches, though the majority of finish remains, all three plugs in water jacket seat firmly, parkerized receiver enjoys a complete finish, only stained, tripod plate marked "360" degrees is completely legible as well as elevation markings on right side of the cradle, tripod paint has worn as would be expected on a gun deployed to battle. The fire control mechanism appears to function correctly when cycled by hand. Bore is frosted yet still retains strong rifling. $12,995.00

Gunwerks LLC custom "Verdict" LR-1000 chambered in 6.5-.284 Norma with bipod & Nightforce 8-32x56MM scope that features a custom ballistically calibrated scope turret. The full-featured fiberglass rifle stock has an adjustable cheek and recoil pad and the customization of a chassis system with the fit and feel of a traditional rifle stock. If you're looking for an accurate long-range rifle, this is it! Dimensions are as follows BBL. 27 1/2" with brake WT. 15lbs 6oz. DIM. 13 3/4" L.O.P. $6,995.00


This 1998 made to order custom Belgium made over-under double rifle. Signed by the engraver and brand new in the box with case. What a great addition to any collection. .375 H&H Mag with 24" BBL, 14 1/2" L.O.P. $24,950.00

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